Who Are We

The National Veterans Group was formed in 2018 with three major goals in mind for the betterment of the military community.

Working together in tandem, these goals help bring a better understanding and acknowledgment of the issues and legislation facing our community, so that together we can take the next step – and move “Beyond Awareness.”

With hundreds of veteran-related laws and programs being introduced each year on state and federal levels, one of our goals is to educate both the military community and the public communities on what they are all about.

National Veterans Group will examine, analyze and communicate about proposed legislation and new programs that could influence the military community. More importantly, though, we will continuously update the information on a regular basis.  

However, not only will we spread the word about what is happening, we will be there to represent as well.

Another one of our goals is to advocate for the support that will have a positive impact on active duty personnel, veterans, and military families in areas such as homelessness, mental health, education, benefits and much more.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply teach and write though. At NatVets we know that the many veteran and military family focused organizations and groups must come together to help each other and our mutual causes.

The last of our three major goals is to unite all of us. Not just with one another, but with organizations and groups within communities who support veterans and their families.

There is a group out there for every veteran or their family members to be part of. A group that helps the community. A group that makes you feel like being part of something special.

Now is the time for the military community to move beyond mere awareness of the issues confronting us and go forward toward achieving real solutions.